'Vigilante' jailed for attack on dog 'mistreater'

A SUNSHINE Coast man who took the law into his own hands and slammed his car repeatedly into his neighbour's home has been jailed for six months.

North Arm resident Gregory Wayne Lloyd took on the role of neighbourhood 'vigilante' when he decided to act on behalf of several residents who complained his neighbour had been "mistreating" their dogs.

Lloyd, 58, pleaded guilty in the Maroochydore District Court on Monday to two charges including one count of the dangerous operation of a vehicle and wilful damage.

The court was told on August 17, 2016 just after midnight Lloyd drove onto his neighbour's property and up to the shed where the complainant and his partner lived.

Lloyd and his neighbour did not know each other but defence barrister Malcolm Harrison said his client was acting "on behalf of news he received" that the man was yelling and throwing items at dogs, including his client's, in the neighbourhood.

When Lloyd pulled up near the shed his neighbour came outside. Lloyd accelerated towards the man, who jumped out of the way before Lloyd slammed into the shed wall.

He reversed his car and slammed into the shed again, several times, the court was told.

Lloyd yelled at his neighbour: "you scared my little dogs, you c---" and threw a stick at the man.

A struggle ensued but Lloyd got back in his car, smashed into the shed several more times and drove away.

He caused more than $40,000 in damage, but the shed was insured and Lloyd was not made to pay compensation.

Mr Harrison said his client had issues with alcohol. Lloyd was raised in several orphanages and the only real "father figures" he had in his life were prison security guards, Mr Harrison said.

Judge Robertson ordered him to serve 18 months' imprisonment; six of those actually behind bars before release on a two-year operational period.

He was also suspended from obtaining a driver's licence for nine months.