VOTE: Do we need more cool burns? PHOTO: Dominic Elsome
VOTE: Do we need more cool burns? PHOTO: Dominic Elsome

VOTE: Should more hazard reduction burns take place

THE bushfire emergency across the eastern states over the past two weeks has shocked the nation.

Now that many fires are being brought under control, questions are being asked as how conditions became so dangerous, so early in the season.

Earlier this week, Somerset Regional Council passed a resolution encouraging property owners and businesses to clear away refuse, leaf litter, and other flammable materials from their land, and asking the State Government to do the same in areas it controlled, including national parks.

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A similar call has gone from around the country, with politicians and land owners calling for more hazard reductions burns to take place.

However, there has also been claims that burns had already been conducted in many areas affected by fires, and did little to slow them due to the horrific conditions experienced.

What do you think? Should there be more 'cool burns' undertaken?

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Should more hazard reduction burns be undertaken before fire season starts?

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