Wagner to Alan Jones: You're a loud-mouthed ignoramus

Guest speaker Alan Jones speaking at the Ipswich Chamber of Commerce lunch at the Ipswich Civic Centre on Friday. Photo: Sarah Harvey/ The Queensland Times IPS071011COMM07C
Shock-jock Alan Jones is continuing his public attack on the Wagner family. Sarah Harvey

TOOWOOMBA businessman John Wagner has hit back at claims made by Sydney shock-jock Alan Jones that he had resorted to underhand dealings to get the Wellcamp Airport project off the ground.

Jones told his listeners he had inside information the Oakey Army Aviation Centre would be forced out to service "a rich local family" who is "getting everything they want".

Jones claimed the defence sources "cannot speak out but are very, very angry" and says the community does not know that the base is closing down.

Jones claimed on-air during an eight-minute rant that Mr Wagner had "got whatever he wants from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority" after no public consultation was entered into over the multi-million dollar project.

He is just scaremongering and spreading lies

Jones claimed the residents of Toowoomba, the Darling Downs and Westbrook have been told nothing about the proposed flight paths.

Mr Wagner challenged Alan Jones yesterday to come to Toowoomba and see the project first hand.

"I think he is a loud-mouthed ignoramus," Mr Wagner said.

"Alan Jones should get off his fat backside and get up here and see what we are doing here for the community.

"I have had a gutful of these people. When Alan Jones has done as much for the Toowoomba community as the Wagner family has, then maybe he can have a say.

Toowoomba businessman John Wagner.
John Wagner hits back at claims made by Alan Jones. Bev Lacey

"Until then he should shut up and get on with life.

"He is just scaremongering and spreading lies," he said.

Mr Wagner said he had not received any favours from any government department in relation to the project.

"I have had absolute assurances the army base will continue to operate for at least the next 15 years," he said.

"There was a process we had to go through (in relation to CASA) and we are still going through that process over the airspace.''

The runway at Wagners Wellcamp Airport takes shape as Defence negotiations over shared air space near a conclusion.
Wagners' Wellcamp Airport under construction. Contributed

Mr Wagner said consultation had started with residents who might be affected by the airport's construction.

"The information we have received is that some people on the western outskirts of Westbrook might experience noise of less than 55 decibels," he said. "That is the worst-case scenario.

"It is far less noise than a lawnmower would make.

"We are actively talking to people who are under the flight path at Westbrook."