Couple take cover as bullets fly

THE piercing sound of bullets shot through the quiet of last Sunday afternoon, leaving one West Warwick couple scrambling for cover and shaken by their close call.

Bumbling gun-toters unleashed havoc at the weekend, with a couple, who chose not to be identified, saying more than a dozen bullets narrowly missed them.

They said they initially attributed the sounds to being whip cracks but soon realised they were those of guns firing.

On the afternoon of the drama , the woman was weeding the garden when she hurried inside to her husband to let him know she had been shot at.

He laughed off her claims and went outside to inspect the situation for himself.

When what he said was a bullet flew past his ear, he retracted his doubt and took refuge indoors.

The man said his wife "was as white as a ghost" and both were unnerved by the incident.

The couple live on a semi-rural residential property and say they have never heard gun shots at their property or in the vicinity before.

"We are not strangers to guns and we both know what sound a bullet makes when it's flying through the air," he said.

"These were bullets that were invading our property."

Although the man said he believed the shots were more idiocy than malice, he said the shooters needed to be aware that they were playing with fire.

"I have to ask what moron would let off a firearm in a semi-residential area and not check where their bullets are going after they miss their target?" he asked.

And he has a further message for the people involved.

"If one of those bullets had hit anyone, you do know you would be probably playing 'oops I dropped the soap, lover' with your new cell mate Bubba in the communal showers of a Queensland correctional facility for the next 10 years or so, don't you?" he asked.

"How about thinking before shooting next time?"