FLUSHED: A Warwick man flooded a police cell after clogging the toilet with toilet paper.
FLUSHED: A Warwick man flooded a police cell after clogging the toilet with toilet paper. Tanya Easterby

Man goes to crappy lengths to move from police cell

TOILET water flowed through a cell at Warwick watchhouse after Kody Alexanda Tyler made an "appalling" attempt to be moved from the room.

Magistrate Robert Walker scolded the 21-year-old at Warwick Magistrates Court yesterday, after he pleaded guilty to wilful damage of police property.

Mr Walker said Tyler flooded the cell by clogging the toilet with toilet paper then flushing it repeatedly in January.

"Your actions were appalling in my view, requiring a cleaner to come in and deal with the mess you'd created," he said.

But defence lawyer Phil Crook said there was a reason Tyler created the wet mess.

"He was placed in there, there was blood on the wall and he complained," Mr Crook said.

"He said the constable refused to do anything so he had to do something about it and once he did it he was moved to another cell."

Mr Crook said Tyler's means of bringing attention to his issue was "a bit over the top".

The Warwick man also pleaded guilty to one count each of wilful damage and public nuisance, after he punched a sign and yelled offensive language outside a store.

Mr Crook said the offences related to issues with alcohol, which Tyler was trying to face up to with the help of his mother.

The court heard the offences were committed just over two weeks after he flooded the police cell and in the same month Tyler completed a probation order.

During sentencing, Mr Walker said he took Tyler's age and family support into account.

Mr Walker said the offences all called for a contribution to the community to convey the importance of behaving appropriately around other people.

Tyler was ordered to complete 60 hours of unpaid community service.