SUPPORT: Bev Rogers, Deb Cook, Bev Manz, Jan Marschke, Lorraine Shulz, and Joyce Fitzgerald
SUPPORT: Bev Rogers, Deb Cook, Bev Manz, Jan Marschke, Lorraine Shulz, and Joyce Fitzgerald Nathan Greaves

Weight Support groups eager to help

Weight awareness groups from Laidley, Gatton, and Lowood have committed themselves to combating weight issues in the Lockyer and Somerset regions.

These three organisations - the Gatton Weight Loss Support group, the Lowood Slimmers, and the Laidley Weight Support Group - are devoted to helping their members work through their goals to lose, gain, or manage their weight.

The Gatton and Laidley groups were both founded in 1993, while the Lowood group has been active for around twenty years.

All three organisations pride themselves on offering affordable services at their meetings, including education, dietary advice, motivational speakers, group discussions and a variety of incentives for those who meet their weekly goals.

At present, most of the membership of the three groups are women, but they welcome members from all ages, genders, and walks of life.

"We're not just a little group of ladies who look at numbers on a scale,” President of the Gatton group, Bev Rogers, said.

"It's about offering physical, emotional, and social support.”

As well as supporting their members with weight-related goals, the groups frequently engage in raffles and other fundraising activities to support their local communities, and larger charities.

At different times, the groups have raised tens of thousands of dollars for causes such as Breast Cancer research, homelessness groups, aged care facilities, Life Flight, and much more.

"We're a community service. We're out there for everybody,” Bev said.

The Gatton group has around thirty attendees at each meeting, while the Lowood and Laidley groups usually get twenty-five.

"Those numbers are consistent week in, week out,” Laidley club secretary Deb Cook said, "It really shows the commitment they have towards their health.”

Get in touch:

Gatton Weight Loss Support Group - Tuesday from 8:45am, at the Table Tennis Clubrooms. Contact Bev on 0439700716

Lowood Slimmers - Tuesday from 8pm at the Lowood Show Hall. Contact Lorraine on 54261468 or Carol on 0448304146

Laidley Weight Support Group - Wednesday from 9am, at the Laidley Hospital Conference Room. Contact Debbie on 0403501170