Border QLD
Border QLD

What happens at border checkpoints

FROM 1am on Saturday morning every single car entering Queensland will be checked, as the border closure into New South Wales and the ACT comes into effect.

Heavy traffic flowing through the border checkpoints is expected from today onwards, as returning Queenslanders try to beat forced, self funded, hotel quarantine kicking in.

And while the exact details on exemptions and how it will work is still being organised, it's understood that an exemption may encompass the whole Tweed Shire, with people living in that area and needing to travel into Queensland able to apply for a border exemption pass.

It's understood it will work both ways, with Gold Coasters who are required to travel over the border into the Tweed also able to apply for the pass.

The Bulletin also understands people entering Queensland will also be required to show photo identification at border checkpoints.



An ADF officer checking the details of a person crossing the border at Griffith Street in Coolangatta. Picture: Adam Head.
An ADF officer checking the details of a person crossing the border at Griffith Street in Coolangatta. Picture: Adam Head.



It's also understood the five open checkpoints on the M1, Griffith and Miles St, the Gold Coast Highway and the Numinbah crossing, will remain open with a heavy presence to ensure rules are being met. These openings will be continuously assessed to make sure it is sustainable.

It's also understood Queenslanders returning to the state after that 1am deadline on Saturday will be forced into self funded hotel quarantine. Each person forced into quarantine at the borders will be given a police direction to go to the Voco Hotel in Surfers Paradise and into quarantine. Officers at the border communicate with those at the hotel and if the person pushed into quarantine doesn't show up, they are tracked down by police and taken to the hotel.

Freight into the state will continue.

Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler. Picture: Adam Head.
Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler. Picture: Adam Head.


Gold Coast Chief Superintendent Mark Wheeler told The Bulletin they had been preparing for the closure and will scrutinise every car coming into Queensland.

"We're preparing and we have been prepared for some time, for any changes in the hotspot declaration and I would urge people to keep across the messaging and the announcements," he said.

"We will be scrutinising each and every vehicle and this will undoubtedly cause delays and inconvenience, so if you do not need to travel, don't.

"If you are coming from New South Wales, simply for a holiday, you will be turned around at the border and people will need to plan their journeys accordingly.

"We would anticipate from now until Friday there will be increased traffic, because there will be Queenslanders who are currently in New South Wales, being urged to return home as soon as possible and certainly before 1am on Saturday.

"That will undoubtably see further delays at our border checkpoints."

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