ENOUGH: Laidley Police are cracking down on drivers speeding through school zones.
ENOUGH: Laidley Police are cracking down on drivers speeding through school zones.

Where Lockyer police are cracking down on speedsters

LAIDLEY Police are cracking down on speedsters, targeting drivers in school zones in a traffic operation set to run until the weekend.

Laidley Police Officer-in-Charge Senior Sergeant Regan Draheim said so far police had nabbed drivers speeding in 40km/h school zones.

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“The speeds are excessive for a school zone – people are just disregarding the fact there’s a school zone,” Snr Sgt Draheim said.

He said drivers were caught doing speeds of above 60km/h and blaming it on inattention.

“People will just say they didn’t realise the speed they were doing,” he said.

“But it’s simply the fact they are not paying attention to the fact it’s a school zone – it comes back to inattention and driver behaviour.”

He said inattention was an ongoing issue but many drivers seemed to have become complacent due to schools having been closed.

“People have been so used to not having quite so much traffic on the road and the fact school zones haven’t been in either because of holidays or the fact kids haven’t been at school,” he said.

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“And people’s lives have been out of routine so people who have their kids at home are assuming school zones aren’t in operation – they might make that assumption, wrongly.

“I’d just like people to remember that they’re using the road with other people, to be courteous to other road users and also to just pay attention.

“We are trying to enforce in those areas where it’s most at risk.”

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