MILESTONE: Jill Zischke (centre) celebrated 40 years working at CW Hooper and Hooper in Laidley on January 18.
MILESTONE: Jill Zischke (centre) celebrated 40 years working at CW Hooper and Hooper in Laidley on January 18. Lachlan McIvor

Where there's a will, there's a way for Jill

JILL Zischke's 40 years at CW Hooper and Hooper have gone by in a blur.

She was first employed as a 15-year-old, initially responsible for the tea, tidy and mail duties before taking up income tax returns.

After that she transitioned into wills and estates, where she has remained for close to three decades.

"It doesn't seem that long, it has gone very quickly,” Mrs Zischke said.

While her position has mainly stayed the same over the course of her career, advances in technology in the office - she started working on a typewriter, transitioned to an electric version and now works on a computer - have made things vastly more efficient.

"It's changed a lot over time, it makes things quicker, easier and you can get a lot more work done,” she said.

Co-workers and clients too have come and gone over the years but she has remained a constant in the firm on Laidley's main street.

"You meet a lot of different people over that time,” she said.

"Some have obviously moved but there's still the local people that have known me for all that time and still come in to get things down and say hello sometimes.”

But it is the friendships she has made through the many hours clocked at CW Hooper and Hooper that she cherishes most.

"All the girls that have come through here, you get to know all the different ones and get to call them friends,” she said.

"They still come and catch up for lunch and say how things are going.”

Legal practitioner director Pamela Wardle, who bought the firm three years ago, said Mrs Zischke was a vital part of making sure the machine ran smoothly.

"I'm very grateful for everything that she does, she keeps me on track, she is the reason we have such good service in wills and estates,” Mrs Wardle said.

Mrs Zischke, who grew up in Hatton Vale, doesn't have any plans to move anywhere else before she retires.

"Hopefully, if Pam will have me,” she laughed.