Medicinal mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular with local company Superfeast operating out of the Northern Rivers.
Medicinal mushrooms are becoming increasingly popular with local company Superfeast operating out of the Northern Rivers.

Why there’s a craze for medicinal mushrooms

FANCY some mushroom in your coffee? It might sounds offputting but it could have significant health benefits.

The humble mushroom is increasingly becoming popular amongst health enthusiasts and those looking to give their immune response an extra kick.

But there is a big difference between the mushroom on your dinner plate and the one with a five thousand-year tradition of use across Asia.

We look into the story behind what and how these mushrooms work and how Byron-based company, SuperFeast, saw an opportunity to share their love of the power of mushrooms across the globe.

SuperFeast founder Mason Taylor said the biggest reason popularity was soaring was because customers felt they were receiving positive impacts from the mushrooms after long term use.

"Medicinal mushrooms have been used and consumed by humans for thousands of years," Mr Taylor said.

"These medicinal mushrooms that grow on trees have been used for millennia by herbalists, Taoists and people seeking to prevent premature degeneration and build potent immunity," he said.

He said medicinal mushrooms were different to the type of mushroom that you eat as part of your normal meals which fall into the culinary category.

"Those mushrooms are soil born, the medicinal mushrooms we do at SuperFeast are wood growing mushrooms, and are extremely fibrous and woody in themselves.

"They are technically a herb, we dry them upon harvesting and will traditionally extract them in water and alcohol, making tea and tincture and accessing the medicinals that are not available through eating the raw herb or ground herb, due to its fibrous chitin.

"From there we evaporate the fluid and leave only the extracted powder.

"At this point it is bioavailable and can be added to coffee, smoothies, soups, stews and beyond, which we find works for us and our community. "

For Mason, the journey into medicinal mushrooms started with his own health journey as he sought ways to improve his health, get rid of candida and brain fog.

"For me the fact that I didn't have any experience in running a company let alone growing one from scratch has been a bit of a fun challenge to overcome.

"I got into this in 2011, way before mushrooms were 'cool' and I really enjoyed the challenge of educating the community in Australia about the possibility of including these time-tested herbs in a modern diet, in a sustainable, effective and easy manner."