Woman steals $83 worth of groceries at Woolies self-serve

ROMA police are looking for a women who stole $83 worth of groceries through the self-service checkouts at Woolworths.

CCTV footage shows that on September 1 around 2.40pm the woman scanned through her groceries at the checkout and then looked around to see if there were any staff nearby and then walked out with the groceries without paying.

The woman has been described as having a fair complexion, heavy build, shoulder-length brown hair, was wearing glasses, a light blue sloppy joe top, dark blue/purple track pants and was possibly in her mid-40s.

There was also a similar incident on August 18 where a man walked out without paying for groceries valued at $38.

The man has been described as being in his early 30s, of a medium build, with fair complexion, auburn hair, facial stubble, and wearing an orange and navy high vis shirt and long navy pants.

Police are appealing for anyone who may have information on these offenders to come forward to help with their investigations.

Call Roma police station on (07) 46229333.