Woman was ‘helping teen’ when busted disqualified driving

A WOMAN with an appalling traffic history for driving while disqualified has narrowly avoided spending Christmas in prison for her sixth disqualified driving offence.

Claire Reivers, 38, was berated by Magistrate Jason Schubert for her "continued attitude and disobedience of the law" evident by her traffic and criminal record.

Reivers pleaded guilty on December 4 to one count of driving while disqualified by a court order.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Shaun Janes said Reivers had five prior disqualified driving offences on her record.

Defence lawyer Brian McGowran said Reivers, who had been involved with drugs for more than 20 years, was turning her life around and was trying to help other vulnerable teenage girls - something she had life experience in and knew all too well the dangers they faced if they became homeless.

He said Reivers, who now lived in a caravan park away from all her prior friends and other negative influences, had been dry for 12 months.

He said she was currently caring for a 14 year old.

Mr McGowran said it was another teen that led to Reivers carrying out her sixth disqualified driving offence.

Mr McGowran said his client was helping the teen get her belongings from a residence.

Mr Schubert said there were other forms of transport that could have been used - taxi, bus or Uber - to retrieve the belongings.

Mr McGowran said a witness told police Reivers had driven, and when confronted by police on a different day, she made full admissions.

Mr Schubert sentenced Reivers to six months prison, wholly suspended and operational for 18 months, along with being disqualified from driving for three years.