Mum Jessie Eva has coming up with a novel new business to help kids, including her son, Fred.
Mum Jessie Eva has coming up with a novel new business to help kids, including her son, Fred.

Working mum's solution to the 'medicated drop-off' for sick kids

A SUNSHINE Coast mum has come up with a novel solution to problem of what to do when you have to go to work, but your young kid wakes up with a fever.

Instead of dosing the child up with Panadol and then dropping it off at daycare pretending to know nothing, there is another alternative.

And it doesn't involve phoning family or begging friends to fill in.

Jessie Eva has started Sicksit. A child sitting service where fully qualified women with a blue card and first aid certificate will come to your home and look after your child while you go to work.

Ms Eva said the idea was borne out of necessity.

"I work full-time and have had too much anxiety and stress when my children were sick," she said.

"We don't have family here and I always thought it was rude to ring a baby sitter to look after a child if it was sick.

"I was talking to like-minded women and we came up with the idea of having a baby sitter specifically designed for this, then no one would feel stressed.

"You wouldn't have to say thank you 400 times because you feel so bad."

Not only does the baby sitter ensure the sick child is looked after in their own home, Ms Eva said the sitter would also do "light housework and have a meal ready when the parents get home".

"When you get home, all you have to do is give your little one a nice cuddle and everything is done for you."

A week after Ms Eva began advertising Sicksit and she was inundated with enquiries from around Australia.

Dalton Drive Early Learning Centre's Janette Mason said the medicated drop-off did happen in the child care system and could create an awkward situation.

"We can't take a child if it has a temperature when it arrives," she said.

"Sometimes a child has been dropped and has been medicated and we were unaware it had a temperature at that point.

"We talk to the family, if the child becomes unwell we make a call.

"It can be an awkward situation, we have got to take the word of the family coming in. We try and communicate with the family.

"It is part of what we do, we understand families have to work. But we build good relationships with families so wee can talk through problems."

Ms Eva said Sicksit offered a full day, 8.5 hour service for $23.50 an hour which including the light cleaning and making the dinner.

She was looking to check what possibilities were available for government subsidies. Her website is