NATURAL BEAUTY: Helenna Dohle said she became obsessed with capturing the scene from Coomba Falls.
NATURAL BEAUTY: Helenna Dohle said she became obsessed with capturing the scene from Coomba Falls. Contributed

Young artist wins big for capturing 'iconic Queensland'

IT WAS the longest Helenna Dohle had spent on a single artwork but the hard work was worth it, as the young artist picked up the People's Choice award in the Queensland Regional Art Awards' youth category last month.

Her mission was to capture "iconic Queensland” and the Linville woman said she quickly set to work scoping out the best scenes in her area.

"I think what's iconic about Queensland is the quirky little spots you find all over, that not a lot of people know about,” she said.

Ms Dohle said she had gone location-scouting with her mother and by chance, the pair ended up at Coomba Falls, near Maidenwell, with an unusual focus.

"The landscape I chose wasn't of the falls... it was the steps,” she said.

"The stairs are in themselves an artwork, they're actually carved out of the stone and they're so beautiful.

"I remember being there and just going 'This is gorgeous', but it wasn't until I got home and saw the photo Mum had taken that I thought I had to draw this, I had to capture it.”

The 24-year-old said she was instantly absorbed by the piece.

"I was really particular with trying to recapture (the scene) onto the page,” she said.

"I hadn't done a landscape artwork before and I thought I'd try.

"It's always nice when you put a lot of work into an artwork and then get good feedback that people like it.”

But this isn't her first win.

In 2016, Ms Dohle won in the same category for her beach-side self-portrait.

"I made it so the figure wasn't the focus, it was the ocean,” she said.

"The theme for that year was Colours of Queensland so I made it all about the colours - bright blues, bright sand and bright skies.”

The young artist said she's always punched out quick doodles and sketches in her notebook margins or scraps of paper but only began taking her art seriously about four years ago, with her first proper piece being a detailed portrait of Johnathan Thurston.

Though she's proud of all her creations, Ms Dohle said this latest piece was her favourite.

"I think your latest artwork is always the one you love the most at that point,” she said.

"Especially when the landscape was new and different territory for me.”