bigfoot attacking
bigfoot attacking

Yowie hunter wants help to find strange beasts

AN Atherton Tableland yowie hunter has created an online forum dedicated to investigating the mystery beasts and where to find them.

Mareeba-based founder of the group Lionel Carroll, inspired by the Tarzali sightings last year, set up the forum to report yowie sightings and any strange yowie-related happenings.

But the fuse of intrigue was really lit after an encounter with a creature caught in the act of eating a kangaroo leg in his backyard.

"There was something in my backyard one night making a strange noise," he said.

Yowies have reportedly been sighted across Queensland.
Yowies have reportedly been sighted across Queensland.

"It was like a pig noise but deeper and longer.

"I flung the door open and all I saw was a black silhouette then it dropped a kangaroo leg.

"I am prepared for people to think I am a bit crazy but I wanted to hear other people's stories," he said.

"I actually believe these creatures exist."

Mr Carroll said he had identified Tableland yowie clusters based on sightings reported through the group.

"I don't want to go out with guns and try to kill something. I want the hair to stand up on the back on my neck, I want that rush," he said.

"Just to find footprints would be awesome and maybe get freaked out, I'm up for it."

Last year Australian yowie expert Rex Gilroy announced an expedition to find fossilised yowie footprints on the Tablelands after Australian Yowie Research chronicled the terrifying experience Jackie Liversidge had with a "family of yowies" at Tarzali.

Originally published as Yowie hunter wants help to find Far North beasts